We never give up for winter.

SuomiTyres's studs have friction

Winter and bicycles aren’t automatically a good match, which is why so many countries have given up on the whole idea ages ago.

We in Finland have not, even though every year our streets glimmer with ice and everything less than a metre tall is covered in snow.

We’re a bunch of tenacious buggers over here, and our family lines are still going strong despite many of us having, let’s say, landed on the tube after the rear wheel has futilely spun in search of grip on an icy street.

Here in Lieksa, we finally decided we’d had enough of spinning our wheels. We brought back this bicycle wheel factory with a long tradition behind it (the only such factory in Scandinavia, by the way) and began to manufacture studded winter tyres for our cycling brothers and sisters.

Lieksa is in that part of Finland where winters can still be called such — that means a metre of snow and -30 degrees Celsius, if we’re lucky.

So, if anyone on this globe knows a thing or two about winter and how slippery it gets, that’s us.

Suomi Tyres.

Trust us.

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